Powerline and RC-Equipment advice Ultima 1 and Ultima 2:

Motor system:

The Ultima nose is designed to fit 28 mm motors with a spinner of 30 mm. Larger diameter motors may fit as well but might require modification by the builder (shortening the nose for example). The recommended weight range of the motors is 60-100 grams and batteries of 50-100 grams. The nose can be shortened by 10-15 mm to fit a 32 mm spinner thus allowing to move a heavy motor back to achieve a correct CG.Below is a chart of suggested motors for the Ultima series (Ultima 1 and 2). There are other options as well which will fit as long as they fall into the following requirements: diameter 28 mm and weight 60-110 grams

Light version: 250-400 watts
Normal version: 350-450 watts
Strong version: 450-600 watts

ClassMotorBatterySuggested capacityRecommended propellerShaft [mm]Weight [gr]Max rated power [watt]Weight range [gr]Remarks
Average power setupsTenshock VIPER CC-1020-14T 4pole 4550KV with Micro Edition 5:1NL3S LIPO500-100014x7, 13x86774001000-1800Recommended setup
Leopard LC250-30 6pol 4040KV with Micro Edition 5:1NL/T3S LIPO500-100016x86654001000-1800Recommended setup
Powerline Micro 10153S LIPO500-100016x8, 15X85784001000-1800
MEGA MOTOR F5J 16/7/4 CE + 3:1 GEAR BOX3S LIPO500-100012X65923801000-1600
High power gearedPowerline Micro 10253S LIPO800-100015x8, 15x10, 16X851035001500-2500Heavy motor, will require shorter nose
Tenshock EDF TS-EZ1515 - 15 T - 4pole 3770 KV with Micro Edition 5:1NL3S LIPO800-100016X8, 15x861036001500-2800recommended for strong models with full ballast, a VERY powerful setup, might require shorter the nose
Direct drive optionsAXI 2217/12 GOLD LINE LONG F5J3S LIPO500-80010x64843301000-1500Low cost alternative
AXI 2220/12 GOLD LINE V2 LONG3S LIPO500-80012x6, 12x7, 13x64914501000-1800Low cost alternative
Mega ACn 16/15/5E3S LIPO500-80010x64882501000-1300
Mega 16/25/4 CE F5J 3S LIPO500-80010x641203501000-1600Heavy motor, will require shorter nose


A variety of servos can be fitted in the Ultima wing (Ultima 1 and 2). The recommended thickness of the wing servos is 10 mm. Metal geared servos are required for robustness during landings. 10 gram servos will do well on all flight surfaces in all versions but for the “Strong” version it is advisable to use bigger flap servos in case of harder landings with full ballast.Below is a partial list of servos which will fit the Ultima series.

ManufacturerServo VoltageWeightAileronsFlapsElevatorRudderRemarks
MKSHV61106-8.410++++Fits supllied servo frames
HV61306-8.423-+--Can be used as flap servo only in strong version
KSTX08H V5 plus4-8.49.5++++Can be made to fit supllied servo frames
X08 V5 plus4-8.49.5++++
X10 Mini HV6-8.423-+--Can be used as flap servo only in strong version
DS135MG6-8.423-+--Can be used as flap servo only in strong version
Blue BirdBMS-115HV4-8.411++++Fits supllied servo frames
A56V6-8.428.4-+--Can be used as flap servo only in strong version
Futaba/RobbeS3173 SVI5.7-8.420.6-+--Can be used as flap servo only in strong version
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