Introduction of the Vortex 2

The Vortex 2 is a proven “race horse” with many competitionwins since it first came out in 2014.A good floater and descent launcher with easy handling which combined with its wide flaps makes it a great turnaround model. The vortex 2 is also easy to fly has excellent “legs” when flying in the wind.The Vortex 2 uses a top drive installation for the aileron servos.The vortex 2 is available with either top or bottom elevator. A “normal” built Vortex comes in between 240 and 250 grams, depending on the weight of the Rohacell as there is a big density tolerance in manufacturing of the Rohacell. Some lucky get slightly lighter wing and finish below 240 g. The wing is 20.5 dm so the wing loading is fairly low and at these weights the Vortex is very good even in light conditions. You can ballast the Vortex for more windy conditions. These are weights for 40 gram spread carbon and “Top Drive”  servos. The 40 gram carbon is light enough and strong enough so if you finish the model around 240 plus –  minus 5 grams it is a perfect allrounder. The strong version is app. 30 gram heavier. Typical weight is app. 265 gram, depending on the used RC-equipment.

Technical specifications:


Span: 1500 mm

Chord: 167 mm

Area : 20,6 dm2

Weight: 110 – 120 gram


Weight: 30 – 33 gram


Span: 310 mm

Chord: 88 mm

Area: 2,23 dm2

Weight: 6,0 – 7,4 gram


Span: 218 mm

Chord: 114 mm

Area: 2 dm2

Weight: 6,3 – 7 gram

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