Roy Dor: 2nd place in the Israeli open

Won 2nd place in the Israeli open today flying the two piece V3.
I flew my normal layup V3 in 6 out of 7 rounds. The only round I didn’t fly it was the 6th round in which I knew I would need to fly in a gaggle at a distance so I chose my older V3 which is more unique in color to help me see it clearly.

The competition started with medium wind and very light thermals and a poker task. I flew the V3 with a small piece of ballast at 235g just to have a bit better energy with the gusts and turbulence.
Second to fourth rounds I flew empty at 225g.
In the last flight of the fourth round I had a read and followed it only to find massive sink but then I had what was probably the most spectacular save I’ve had in a competition, from 5m I managed to slowly recover and climb enough to come back into the landing area with a full time to take the round. Flew close to minute between 5-10 meters in a VERY light thermal. After close to a minute I managed to get some better climb rate and when I got to 30m I left the thermal and came back to land in the box.
The light air performance and the ease of flying the V3 in light air makes it a fantastic combination for me. I couldn’t be happier with it as my biggest weakness has been flying clean and accurate enough at low level in light lift and now I feel I have a model that helps me to accomplish this important skill.

In the end, I lost to one of our young up and coming talents when I dropped my model in the last turnaround of the competition and lost 2 extra seconds… had I not dropped the model I would have beat him.

Third place winner was also flying a V3. He bought it from me just 2 weeks ago. We were the only V3 pilots at the competition so a nice weekend for the V3


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