Grega finished 5th with his brand new Ultima 2!

Grega made the flyoff with the Ultima 2 in his first F5J competition with only a couple of flights on a brand new model against some of the best pilots in Europe in difficult weather!
And he did it from 5th place

What a fantastic start


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  1. Amazing work of Roy, Denis and the Denis team.
    ULTIMA 2 is a truly beautiful masterpiece and has many wonderful brilliant details.

    If someone loves to read, my short description is from the beginning of testing the new model below :

    ULTIMA 2 Nr.1 Maiden and going immediately on the first F5J competition.
    Many hours have been spent to build a new model, especially in the last week (sometimes only two hours left to sleep).
    We arrived in Szeget (HUN) on Friday afternoon and immediately started finishing the model, then programming and copying the program from Ultima 1, …
    Since we were very nervous about programming, we were not able to fully verify all the settings.
    The center’s center of gravity was adjusted to Roy’s calculation and “hop” into the air.
    Immediately after the first hand lunch, the model flew straight ahead and immediately showed exceptional good properties.
    No trim on all three axes was necessary. The model really flies perfectly and is very coordinated (we only had short wings).
    The night came and we were celebrating our first successful flight with some beers…

    On Saturday morning, it started for real. The first contest!
    I started with Denis (as is the case for the new model) in big style. (The first competition, the first thousand points, the first mid-air collision (fortunately without damages for ULTIMA), first competition mistakes, …)
    The model quickly got under my skin, as it was controlled by a truly pure pleasure. It is very nice in the air (and also on the ground).
    The performance of the model is truly fantastic in all the flight elements.
    Since on Sunday weather was very windy, ballast was built between the competitions rounds.
    In the evening after the first day competition, we did also some test flights with a ballast of 500 grams.
    The fully weighted model was still flying very good and greater penetration of the wind of the model was noticeable.
    We managed to finish the pre-race at the 5th place with 91 competitors.

    Before the last competition flights, I noticed that in the thermal phase with the function “snap-flap” both elerons were incorrectly set (they go as in “butterfly”).
    So I flew the entire competition with the wrong settings of the model in the thermal phase. And nevertheless finished the final part of the competition at 5th place

    Now I can hardly wait for the next competition, this time with the right and better settings of the model.

    At the end I can only say one big respect to the designers (Roy Dor and Denis Škrabl) of the amazing ULTIMA2 F5J competition model.

    BR Grega

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